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Advantages of Fabric Air Duct in Gymnasiums

With the rapid development of social economy, we will see towering buildings when we walk in the streets and alleys of the city, and many large-scale convention and exhibition centers also began to appear. In particular, there are many large gymnasiums for us to exercise. Because many gymnasiums are built with frame steel structures, the overall appearance is beautiful, the construction speed is fast, the materials can be recycled and the service life is long. In the construction of many gymnasiums, it is necessary to install the central air-conditioning system, and the fiber air duct plays an important role in the air-conditioning system.

Fabric air duct is trusted by many customers, so what are the advantages of using fabric air duct in gymnasiums? We will find that for the buildings with frame structures, there are generally quite a few advantages in the construction of fabric air duct systems.

First of all, because buildings with frame steel structures are generally used for the space with the relatively high height, and the installation position of the air duct system is also relatively high. Therefore, when you install Durkee fabric air duct, you need to build a high-altitude operation workbench.

Due to the strict load restriction of the frame steel structures of gymnasiums, the fabric air duct is often light. The Durkee fabric air duct is relatively light, so even with the support suspension on both sides, the safe use of the frame steel structure building will not be affected at all.

The advantages of Durkee fabric air duct mainly reflect in the simple installation process and its relatively light weight. Durkee fabric air duct does not need maintenance and has long service life. It can withstand high static pressure and has good noise elimination performance. This kind of fabric air duct can withstand high wind pressure and wind speed but will not produce too much noise, so it is widely used in gymnasiums.