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Advantages of Textile Air Duct in Environmental Protection

With the rapid development of modern society and economy, especially people's requirements for living environment continue to improve, especially now, haze weather continues to appear, we all want to live in a clean and tidy environment. In particular, we hope that the indoor air is fresh, and how to improve the air quality is what we need to consider.

Especially in today's increasingly polluted environment, many cities will have haze weather, so what should we do at this time? We can continuously improve the air quality of our living environment and choose the air supply system of textile air duct. The advantages are obvious. So, what are the advantages of textile air duct system?

In the whole textile air duct system, there are many components, generally antibacterial air duct is the main pipe and cloth air duct is the end. The whole system adopts modular technology, we can design according to the needs of the whole building environment and every user, we can also provide and ensure the indoor green air and healthy breathing through the addition and subtraction combination of modules.

Textile air duct can remove formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and ammonia gas well, it has the function of anti-bacterial and anti mildew. It mainly adopts air catalyst technology, which can realize 24-hour purification of formaldehyde produced by indoor decoration. There are many advantages in adopting the air duct air supply system of Meisi textile air duct, which can solve the problem of indoor air pollution and provide fresh air for our whole room. It is widely used in workshops, logistics warehouses, exhibition halls, supermarkets and other places.