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Apple Park Underfloor Duct System

Perfect Partner—When “Switching” Apple Met “Innovative” DurkeeSox

Once again----Underfloor duct system proposed by DurkeeSox has won unanimous recognition from Apple Inc., design company and consulting firm, becoming the exclusive supplier of terminal air dispersion system of intelligent A/C system in new Apple Headquarter Project. The length of fabric duct totals 22873m, it is not only a landmark project in DurkeeSox global market but also a new milestone in development course of DurkeeSox.

Designed by Steve jobs, the new Apple headquarter covers an area of 175 acre (0.71 square kilometer). With the area of 2,800,000 square feet (260000 square meter), four-level round building is predicted to accommodate 130000 staff, the interior cafe has 3000 seats with underground parking lot, surrounded by massive landscaping. The press widely reported the structure of new headquarter looks like “spacecraft”. Other facilities includes auditorium with 1000 occupancy, R&D center, fitness center and fruit garden with the area of 300000 square feet(28000 square meter) and individually-owned power plant as main power supply (power generated by natural gas or other more environmentally-friendly means). Stefan Behling, the architect of this project, declared that this building is one of “the greenest project of same scale worldwide”.

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To fully carry out the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, the design company entrusted by Apple Inc. decides to transmit and evenly distribute the conditioned air via under floor air dispersion system. DurkeeSox Under Floor Air Dispersion System stood out against other design proposal and won recognition from design company and Apple Inc.

DurkeeSox under floor air dispersion system places fabric air duct under the raised access floor as air delivery highway and transmit the conditioned air to targeted raised access floor area. With the conditioned air filling in, the conditioned air is discharged into occupied area via floor vents because of pressure difference, the existing air is displaced from downward to upward, so as to mitigate unnecessary waste at non-working area. The superiority of this system includes even air dispersion, quick installation, flexible layout, energy conservation, green, easy maintenance and high cost efficiency, etc.

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To ensure the air dispersion performance, DurkeeSox utilizes exclusively-owned patented micro-permeable fabric to reverse condensation risks while bringing most effective and energy-efficient performance. Besides, DurkeeSox has been armed with the largest airflow system simulation lab in the industry and introduced the most advanced CFD simulation software worldwide, to conduct precise simulation and test to the actual working condition in new Apple Headquarter. The requested test is strictly compliant with specified data, DurkeeSox proceeded a serious test to inner air velocity and inner pressure at different point under variable occupancy. The result proved that the design is completely capable of fulfilling the expectations of Apple Inc. and its design firm. Moreover, given the relatively large work amount, door-to door delivery service within 2 months helps DurkeeSox win the praise from Apple Inc.

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Regarded as a new beginning, Apple Headquarter project facilitates DurkeeSox standing at higher horizon, facing the road ahead with full confidence. Innovation is beyond boundary, we are convinced that, with the tail wind generated by Apple “Spacecraft” plus our endless innovation, we will be able to bring DurkeeSox off to a new level.