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Fabric Air Dispersion System at PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Ice Arena

Inaugurated on July 17th,2014, Gangneung Ice Arena was completed and came into service in2016. Building with reinforced concrete structure and steel roof truss, the grand arena is 40m high with 2 floors underground and 4 floors above the finished ground. The total area is 29000 square meters with occupancy load over 12000. The overall planning is based on the vision of Pyeonchang Olympic Games, Namely, “New Horizons”, fully demonstrating the pleasant and attractive local natural landscaping. The contour design was inspired by the dynamic speed skating game. Gangneung Ice Arena is a figure skating and short-track speed skating rink forPyeonchang 2018 Olympic Games, where the arena is recognized as an eco-friendly and future-oriented sports venue satisfying the technical standards set by both IOC and ISU. 

The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Organizing Committee's requirement is to ensure even air distribution with low airvelocity, create a comfortable thermal environment of the auditorium and prevent air from reaching the ice link surface directly.

With distinctive advantages, Durkeesox lay out fabric air dispersion system right above the end row of upper stands and lower stands. The overhead fabric air ductwork evenly throws laminar air from precisely-calculated orifices with small draft and large coverage area, concentrate airflow down to the audience area, reduce the heating exchange at a high level, saving 15% to 20% energy. Besides, the light weighted fabric ductwork is easy and quick for installation, it will not create any extra burden to the roof loading capacity and significantly shorten the pressing schedule while reducing the structure and labor cost. The patented flexible IRR system (Internal retention ring system) is proposed to provide the best visual pleasing appearance and fit well with on-site complex layout and elevation changes. 

PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Ice Arena ventilation socks

Moreover, The application of Durkeesox Fabric Air Dispersion System brings many other tangible benefits. Made of recyclable and reusable material, Durkeesox fabric ductwork is 100% tailor-made by standardized production process in the plant, meaning much less wastes and carbon emission, improved air quality, healthier and cleaner indoor environment, better energy-saving. Durkeesox system helps earn more credits for Green projects and keep in line with the mainstream concept of green and energy-saving.

Due to the climate condition and sports habits, the overall level of winter sports in Aisa is not as well-developed as European and American countries. Pyeongchang Olympic will definitely become the golden opportunity to popularize winter games. Fulfilling the requirements of the Olympic Organizing Committee from design planning to installation, Durkeesox seized the cherished chance as well to spread around the world and embrace new booming period.