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Pre-Insulated Air Duct for TPI Wind Blade Factory

non-metallic duct

TPI, as the largest independent manufacturer of composite wind blades, is founded in 1968 and headquartered in Arizona, US. TPI has expanded its global footprint to Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East to set most advanced plants and factories. Now, TPI have four factories that manufacture precision molding and assembly systems for wind blades in China.

In May 2019, TPl wind blade factory located in Yangzhou Economic Development Zone has been successfully accomplished and put into production. This factory covers an area of 65762.49㎡ and the main building height reaches 21.7m. The original HVAC air duct system of the factory is designed with traditional air duct and the total volume of air supply and air return is up to 1450000CMH.

Due to advantages of easy & fast installation, lighter weight and higher cost performance, InsuSox pre-insulated fabric duct system successfully provided the Owner with a more economical solution. Meanwhile, this project has become the landmark project with large-scale application of Insusox pre-insulated fabric air supply and return system in Durkee history.

hvac ductwork

In the workshop, a combined air-conditioning unit with dual fans and all air system is adopted. The A/C unit is placed on the roof of auxiliary rooms on both sides of the workshop, the conditioned air is supplied from the middle part and returned from lower part.

InsuSox pre-insulated air duct in ellipse shape serves as primary air transmission duct, then connects with InsuSox pre-insulated fabric vertical duct, finally shift to Durkee fabric duct as secondary air dispersion duct. For example, Ellipse InsuSox system with diameter of φ2676mm*762mm on both sides of the roadway at 16m connect with several round shape vertical ducts with a diameter of φ610mm, then shifting to Durkee fabric air duct for air dispersion.

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The orifices of Durkee fabric air duct are at 7:00, 8:00 and 8:45 o’clock direction, air velocity reaches 0.5m/s at 1.5m height above the ground. The realization of exclusive low space precision air supply to the working spot can fulfill the air supply requirement with a spacing of 40m (Axis W-N).

The return air duct is designed in the form of rectangular pre-insulated returnsox and double-layers air return louver, the air volume of each A/C is about 58000CMH and return air pressure is 500Pa. At the height of 15m, the main return air duct (3000mm×800mm) is connected with a vertical return air duct (1250mm*400mm) and then connected with the double-layers air return louver, presenting very safe and high efficient air performance.

fabric air duct

The overall design of the air supply duct and air return duct guarantees the even and comfortable air supply in the spacing of Axis W-N and achieves high-efficiency air supply and satisfactory A/C performance. The quiet gray air duct is blending well with the roof color perfectly, the whole air system is simple and aesthetic. With the advantages of a lightweight, modular quick installation, green construction, and overall energy saving, InsuSox return air system won good appraise by the project owner.