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YKK Fabric Air Duct System

YKK(Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha) is the world’s leading manufacturer of zipper and its components. It’s not only the originator of zipper industry, but also represents the most advanced industry standard and the best product quality. YKK group's forward-looking business activities are expanded across 6 major regions and 72 countries in the world. It always accounts for the biggest market share in zipper and its components industry for many years. PT. YKK Zipco Indonesia was established in 1989 and located in Kekasi-Cibitung, now it has 4 factories and more than 600 employees totally.

Project overview:

Firstly, Indonesia is located in the equator region, typically, the tropical rainforest climate with high temperature and rainy weather all year round. The indoor temperature and humidity are even higher than outside. Because the production of cotton tape on the zipper has strict requirements on temperature and humidity control, too high or low temperature and humidity will directly affect the fibre defects control and strength of cotton tape, therefore the control of temperature and humidity is vitally important for production. Meanwhile, due to the high space of workshop, air duct system is requested to supply cooling air to working spot directly and save energy without condensation.

Secondly, the factory adopts highly automatic production line, the upper space of the production equipments are occupied by a large number of complicated pipelines, cable trays and hangers and supports. And roof load capacity is limited and can’t bear traditional air duct system in such heavy weight.

After analyzing these essential needs from YKK, we provide Durkeesox fabric air duct system which is much better than conventional GI duct.

1.We introduce Nanosox N series made of inherent permanent fire retardant fabric material and provide longest 15 years warranty, employ micro-permeability and precisely-calculated laser cutting orifices for the project. Such solution only allows 5% of total airflow for fabric permeation to prevent condensation while reduce the cooling loss at the high space.

2.After several times of communication, simulation and calculation, based on the exact location of each working area, precise orifices are customized and cut at the exact area where the labors work around, concentrate 95% cooling air to precisely throw to every working spot and improve the work comfort.

3.Durkeesox system is light in weight, only 2.5% of that of GI duct. It will never create extra burden to the roof load capacity. Durkeesox system totally replaces the conventional metal duct system including air ducts, air damper, air diffusers and insulation material. Through a variety of elbows, reducers and T-connectors to overcome complex pipelines at upper space with affecting the function of overhead facilities.

Owing to the outstanding performance and best quality, Durkeesox fabric air duct system has won praise by YKK. Most importantly, it’s worth mentioning that the whole series of Durkeesox product have been using high quality YKK zipper from the very beginning. As leading enterprises in their respective fields, Durkeesox and YKK highly recognize each other’s best-quality products and excellent service as well as the corporate interests of both parties. This kind of recognition perfectly shows the strong cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation between Durkeesox and YKK.

Durkeesox fabric air duct system has been widely applied in various fields of supermarket, sports, public facilities, food, electronic, automobile, logistic etc. It’s been consistently approved by countless renowned clients in more than 32 countries and regions.