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The History and Development of Fabric Ducting

Last century, in the food refrigerated industry, to meet the special requirements of large cooling capacity and low wind velocity in the refrigeration area, HVAC engineers from various countries tried to make the air supply outlet with ordinary cotton fiber fabric, which is in the shape of a cloth bag.

In the 1950s and 1960s in China, there were many cases of installing fiber fabric air duct insulation in the refrigeration industry, referred to as fiber fabric bag air duct for short. In some conditions, with the continuous innovation of fiber material technology and textile technology in the world, more and more fibers with special properties are made into the air distribution system, which makes the application field of the air distribution system of fiber fabric expand constantly.

Since the application of the textile air duct in the food workshop, the cloth air duct has developed for several decades, and the materials of the cloth air duct are more and more abundant. As an important part of the development of the world's HVAC industry, the cloth air duct industry, based on economic and target market demand, keeps innovating and creates a leap of the cloth air duct industry with strong development momentum.

In the fabric air duct industry, the old type is made of traditional cloth, which can not be compared with the textile air duct products made of high-performance fiber fabric material in permeability and use in all aspects. For example, the fabric air duct system is designed to produce air through the fiber gap of the whole pipe wall or the designed multi-row small holes, that is, to supply air in a linear way along the pipe longitude, and in a fanway along the axial direction, providing three-dimensional air supply. The utility model has excellent comfort, uniform air supply, and accurate air supply and functions that other materials, such as fire resistance, do not have.