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The Comparasion between Fabric Air Duct and Traditional Metal Products

In an open ceiling structure, the traditional metal air duct system diffuses air outward through the side mounted metal vents, and the intervals is usually 10 to 15 feet. The air distribution is less efficient, and if it mixes with the air in the occupied space, a particular area unstable hot or cold spots will occur.

With the fabric air duct system, the air is more evenly distributed, and the air-out of the entire length of the fabric air duct system is uniform, providing a consistent and unified air distribution. Better air dispersion means better air mixing efficiency, and with the use of long-range parabolic vents, there is a significant difference from traditional systems that cool and heat the air by the diffusion of weight and buoyancy.  

The efficiency of fabric air duct system is 24.5% higher than that of traditional metal air duct system. According to a recent 10-month energy study conducted by a third party based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), it demonstrated that the room temperature setting point brought by fabric air duct systems is faster than traditional metal ducts or traditional metal diffusion systems through the heat comparison between the ceiling vents and the green building cloth duct vents. The result shows that the installation of cloth air ducts can reduce the amount of energy required to run the equipment.