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Advantages of Fabric Air Duct in Automobile Production Workshop

Now every household has a car, and there are more and more automobile workshops. The internal space structure of the workshop is complex and there is a lot of equipment and operators in the workshop, so there are also big problems when installing the central air-conditioning. The advantages of fabric air duct can just be reflected in its application in automobile workshops.

The advantage of the uniform temperature distribution is the final requirement of automobile production workshop. Because the working positions of operators are not fixed, it is impossible to adopt the fixed-point air supply mode, therefore, the effect and accuracy of the air supply can not be guaranteed. These disadvantages seriously affect the use of central air-conditioning system in automobile production workshops.

The fabric air duct system can solve this problem well. The unique air outlet mode of fabric air duct can realize the real uniform air supply. A continuous linear air supply belt can be formed by continuous small holes opened on the surface by laser, which can effectively meet the need of air supply on the working position line.

1. The advantage of good air quality: The production workshop takes up a large space, and it is not easy to replace the internal air with fresh air, so the air quality of the workshop is also a hidden danger affecting the health of workers.

2. The advantage of convenient cleaning and maintenance: It is always a big problem in cleaning traditional air duct. After long-term use, it is dirty and messy inside the traditional air duct; the cleaning is difficult and the effect is poor. The fiber air distributor has the advantage of easy cleaning. The distributor can be directly removed and put into the industrial washing machine for cleaning after being used for a period of time, and then it can be hung up again directly after washing.

3. The energy-saving advantage: Due to the long air supply distance and large air supply area, if the traditional metal air duct is used, on the one hand, it will cause additional energy loss because of the uneven distribution of air outlets; on the other hand, components with high resistance such as elbow three-way valves also increase additional energy consumption, so a lot of energy is wasted in vain. Due to the material and design characteristics of fabric air duct, the air supply demand can be satisfied with only 150Pa static pressure and the on-way resistance can also be ignored, which greatly reduces the operation costs. The long-term use of fabric air duct can save a lot of expenses.

In addition, the fabric air duct itself is rich in color, which gives people a bright effect after installation, and also injects a new force into the automobile workshop. It can completely replace the traditional air duct in the workshop.