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Advantages of Fabric Composite Air Duct in Medical Pallet Warehouse

For the new modern medical logistics warehouse, the building space is large, the air conditioning covers a wide area, and the roof bearing capacity is small. The point air supply mode of traditional iron sheet air duct system will lead to uneven air volume in the process of air supply, and can not accurately control the humidity in each area of the warehouse; moreover, the weight of the traditional air duct is a great burden for the modern medical logistics warehouse.

For the reconstruction project, due to the long service life of most air ducts, condensation water, dust accumulation and bacteria breeding often occur in the ventilation ducts, which greatly affect the quality of drug storage.

With our joint efforts, the fabric composite air duct has been used in the newly-built or reconstructed medical warehouses. The accurate air supply and large coverage area realize a good air distribution in the warehouse. At the same time, the fabric duct installation is convenient. The air filters through the duct wall with no condensation water.

The application advantages of fabric composite air duct in medical pallet warehouse:

1. There is no dead corner and stagnant area of air supply, which can realize the uniform air supply and keep the same temperature.

2. The air filters through the surface of the infiltration mode fabric composite air duct slowly. Due to the effect of the wind pressure, the hot and humid air outside the duct can not contact the duct wall, so the condensation will not occur on the surface of the air duct.

3. The weight of the fabric composite air duct is 1/40 of that of traditional air duct, which can greatly reduce the bearing capacity of pallet warehouse structure. When finished products arrive at the site, they can be hung using the matched steel wire or slide rail, which is simple and fast. The installation time is 1/10 of that of the traditional air duct or even shorter, which greatly shortens the construction period and saves manpower.

4. The layout is simple, and the circle shape provides more visual aesthetic feeling and affinity. There are various colors for your choice, which can keep in harmony with the indoor style.