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Fabric Duct VS Metal Duct

The fabric duct is a woven air terminal system that is woven from a fiber fabric material with a special material, and has the functions of air outlet, air supply duct, static pressure box, insulation material, and air valve. Calculate the size of the pipe diameter by fluid, design the wind mode according to the field, rely on the fiber penetration, orifices, nozzle holes, mesh, jet and other 7 wind modes to rationally layout the fabric air duct system, which can provide uniform three-dimensional air.

How to Clean Metal Ductwork?

The cleaning of traditional metal air ducts requires a cleaning robot, which is extremely expensive. Although the state stipulates that air ducts must be cleaned at least once every two years, the implementation is worrying.

Installing Metal Ductwork

When installing the metal duct, due to its own volume and weight and other factors, it will take a lot of labor and a lot of hanger brackets and other accessories.

Metal air ducts must use auxiliary accessories such as tuyere and air valves. However, according to the indoor conditions and air supply parameters, the air ducts are equipped with different directions and different forms of ventilation holes or different permeability of different cloth materials. In the room, the ventilation form of displacement ventilation and induced ventilation can be effectively formed without the need for PAD and ACD regulating valves.

How to Install Ventilation Duct

The textile duct is 0.15-0.4kg/m3 per square meter, which is only traditional metal wind The pipe is 1% of the weight of the air outlet. The air pipe is connected by industrial zippers and is installed under the suspended ceiling through steel wire ropes or slide rails. The ventilation duct installation is very simple, and the bag air pipe does not need heat preservation at all.

Ventilation Duct Cleaning

The fabric duct is made of special functional fiber material, flexible material, industrial zipper link, easy to disassemble, can be directly cleaned in an industrial washing machine, and can be washed more than 50 times. This is highly recommended in food processing workshops.

Traditional metal air ducts use diffusers and other air outlets to distribute air when supplying air. The airflow in the whole room is not necessarily very uniform. However, the bagged air duct delivers air through the body, slits, orifices, and the air is uniform, and the indoor temperature gradient Very small, which has been well confirmed in engineering practice.