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Fabric Ducting System Creates A Healthier Air Environment for Printing Workshop

Newspaper printing workshops have relatively high requirements for temperature and humidity control (especially newsprint). Temperature and relative humidity are the main environmental factors that affect the printing quality of newspapers. The two are closely related and affect each other; when the temperature increases, the relative humidity decreases, the paper's water content decreases, and static electricity is easily generated; when the temperature decreases, the relative humidity increases, the paper's water content increases accordingly, and the mechanical strength decreases. Failure to meet the requirements of temperature and humidity will also cause problems such as static electricity, newspaper wrinkling, and ink emulsification. Moreover, the industrial waste gas in the printing of organic substances will cause great harm to the human body and the environment. Therefore, when designing the air conditioning system of the newspaper printing workshop, attention should be paid to the control of pollutants.

Fiber fabric ductwork has a unique characteristic of uniform air outlet and adopts the mode of surface air outlet. It has a large wind area, low wind speed, no blowing feeling, and excellent comfort. The air distribution is uniform, the system is simple and stable, and the ideal overall uniform air supply can be achieved. Durkduct fabric air duct has flexible system layout characteristics and is easy to install, especially suitable for large space workshops.

As a new type of air conditioner end product, the fiber fabric air duct has uniform air supply characteristics compared with the air outlet of the air duct used in traditional air conditioning. It can keep the indoor temperature and humidity highly consistent. The accuracy of indoor temperature and humidity is high, which can stabilize indoor air within the designed temperature range.

The fiber fabric air duct adds an antibacterial function based on permanent flame retardant. Based on permanent flame retardant, it can effectively inhibit the proliferation of the most common pathogenic pathogens (microbes, bacteria, and viruses), thereby inhibiting the occurrence and spread of diseases.

The Durkee textile ductwork can improve the indoor air quality of the printing workshop and provide a good production environment for the health of employees and the production of high-quality printed products.