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The Standardization Process of Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Logistics is Urgent

In the first batch of five newly revised drug GSP catalogs, "storage and transportation management of refrigerated and frozen drugs" and "automatic monitoring and verification management of temperature and humidity" all directly point to pharmaceutical cold chain logistics. Both the catalogue and the newly revised GSP put the standardization and standardization of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics into an important position, and the continuous efforts in policy have also made the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry fretting.

Large pharmaceutical companies are still the protagonists of the future market

Although the third-party logistics has begun the initial standardization process, the main body of China's pharmaceutical cold chain logistics is still large pharmaceutical companies and their subordinate logistics companies. The reporter learned from a pharmaceutical cold chain logistics equipment dealer in Beijing that the main purchasing power of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics equipment currently comes from large pharmaceutical companies including Sinopharm Group and Jointown Pharmaceutical Group.

Industry insiders told reporters that this first-party logistics-led market situation will not change in the short term, which is mainly due to the particularity of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics. Given the professional requirements of medicines on temperature and transportation environment, most logistics companies do not dare to enter the market rashly. The monitoring and risk-taking in the circulation process also make first-party logistics the best choice for the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics industry. And this also determines that first-party logistics will still play a key role in standardizing the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics in the future.

At present, large pharmaceutical companies such as Sinopharm Group and Jointown Pharmaceutical Group have begun to focus on establishing a pharmaceutical cold chain circulation industry chain with GSP standards. And the first is the construction of pharmaceutical logistics warehouses. In order to comply with GSP's precise control of temperature and humidity in pharmaceutical logistics warehouses, these companies have adopted a new type of fabric air ducting distribution system - sox air duct system.

Sox air duct system is a kind of flexible outgoing air end system made of special fibers that replace traditional air ducts, air valves, diffusers, and thermal insulation materials, also known as fabric air distribution systems. There aren't dead ends and stagnant areas of air supply in the unique air outlet mode of Durkee's air duct system. So using it can achieve a uniform air supply throughout the warehouse and maintain uniform temperature and humidity in different areas of the warehouse. In addition, the sox air duct system utilizes the fiber permeability of the duct wall surface so that there is no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the duct wall, and no condensation will occur even at the 75% relative humidity specified for the warehouse.