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Advantages of HVAC Fabric Duct System

What is HVAC fabric duct system? In generally, the fabric duct system is a round or semi-round or other common shapes, which is usually made of light-weight fabric materials. While in the past, the word “ductwork” often refers to the metal units that moves air throughout the whole facility. The two systems are quite different from each other.  Obviously, the new HVAC fabric duct system has much more advantages, which is often made according to customers’ needs of exact applications.

Benefits of Fabric Duct Material

Compared with traditional metal system,  the most obvious advantage of fabric ventilation is that the fabric duct material is light-weight. As a result, the fabric air duct system can be packaged in boxes, which are easy to deliver.

When installing the metal system, it often requires additional bracing and securing of all the seal joints. However,  the ventilation duct installation is much easier.

Fabric Duct Design

Different places require different fabric duct design. According to the requirements of the location of the unit, the height of the space, the aesthetics, and the air supply area in the building and HVAC design drawings,  the air duct system is arranged. In principle, the main transmission pipe from the air-conditioning room and the ceiling internal air pipe is designed with the insulation I series insulated air pipes,  and some main transmission pipes and branch pipes in the non-ceiling area are designed with N series cables without insulation air duct.

Using our iSox design software, layout design and drawing operations can be completed more quickly, greatly saving design time and improving design efficiency.

Fabric Ductwork Cost

The duct sox adopts a scientific air flow mode, and there is no need to adjust the valve damper, while the iron sheet or plastic duct needs to use a damper for adjustment. The duct sox has low operating resistance and saves 20 system operating costs.