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Selection and Installation of Fabric Air Duct

With the rapid development of society and economy, when high-rise buildings begin to appear, various intelligent systems, whether it is a fire alarm system or an electronic monitoring system, as well as central air conditioning and fresh air systems, are even more indispensable. In many home decoration, air conditioners are installed, and there are many types of cloth air ducts. We must choose ducts with better materials. So, what should you pay attention to during the installation of the cloth air duct?

1. Installation of cloth air duct

In the process of air duct installation, there are many things that need special attention. We must first determine the shape of the air duct of the air conditioning system, and arrange the ducts reasonably, including the length and air volume of the duct. You can calculate according to the length of the center line of the two pipe fittings. Special attention should be paid to the direction of the cloth air duct route for the fixed air volume and selected flow rate. The cost and operating cost can be considered comprehensively, and a reasonable air flow rate can be selected according to the principle of economy and practicality.

2. The choice of cloth air duct

When choosing the cloth air duct, the material of the cloth air duct should be stable. The cloth air duct with fiber material has stable air output, simple and convenient operation, longer service life, better corrosion resistance, and obvious advantages in heat preservation performance. In the selection of the shape of the air duct, there are more oval, circular, and semi-circular air ducts to meet actual needs. As there are many types of cloth air ducts, you can choose according to actual needs when choosing. Be sure to choose the product with guaranteed quality, the overall air supply is relatively uniform, the air output of the fiber fabric air pipe is relatively stable, and the air volume is relatively large, which are made of soft materials and flexible in installation. They can also be reused, serving as the best choice in all kinds of places that require temporary ventilation.