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Knowledge of Fabric Air Ducts

The fabric air duct plays a crucial role in many large enterprises. The features of fabric air ducts are outstanding because they are all made of flame-resistant fabric duct materials. There are numerous types of fabric air ducts from various brands on the market. The color can customize based on the customer's preferences. Furthermore, a large range of shapes is available on the market, including round, semicircle, and rectangular semicircle, and there are some rectangular duct varieties. All these ducts can be applied to complement various types of space decoration styles. So, what do you know about fabric air ducts?

Ⅰ. There are many advantages for fabric air ducts

1. The fabric air ducts have a variety of shapes and colors and are made of high-quality fabric duct materials, which have reasonable and accurate permeability. The permeability can be selected under different installation heights, different air volumes, air pressures, and areas. The corresponding permeability can ensure a better air supply effect.

2. There are various system accessories for fabric air ducts, including the steel rope, lanyard, webbing, etc. Fabric air duct system operates quietly without noise generation, which can effectively improve the environment and quality. In addition, the system has a large air volume, the effect of face-type air. Fabric air ducts are very easy to install, beautiful, high-end, personalized, light, and there are a variety of colors available. The use of fabric air ducts shortens the project cycle, so they are very popular among consumers.

3. The cleaning and maintenance methods of the fabric air duct are relatively simple, and the air duct fittings must choose to use auxiliary fittings such as tuyere dampers. In the air duct arrangement, air supply holes are set according to different directions and forms. What's more, please pay more attention to the material of products. An excellent product can form a mixed air supply method in the room. And that means replacement ventilation and induced ventilation are mixed to save air supply accessories.

Ⅱ. The performance advantages of fabric air ducts

1. Under normal circumstances, the accessories of the fabric air duct product are within the scope of a warranty. When you choose, you should choose a large, regular and well-known fabric air duct manufacturer, and more depending on its brand and product quality. It is necessary to choose a company with powerful comprehensive strength.

2. When choosing the fabric air duct, the fabric duct material is the essential guarantee of the system quality. And make sure to choose the special flame-retardant fiber with good fire resistance and long service life.

The above is the introduction to the relevant knowledge of fabric air ducts. Generally speaking, the fabric air duct style is fashionable, the air supply effect is relatively uniform, and the air supply ability is more outstanding. It is very convenient for installation and disassembly and can effectively improve the fiber. The cleanliness of the fabric duct can ensure excellent fresh air quality.