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Life and Quotation of Fabric Air Duct

The fiber fabric duct is woven from special fibers. It is the end of a flexible air ventilation system, which replaces traditional air outlet systems such as ducts, dampers, and diffusers. The fabric air duct relies on fiber penetration and orifice ventilation to complete the average air supply mode.

1. How long is the service life of the fabric air duct?

Under normal circumstances, the service life of the fabric duct air sock is more than 20 years. But its service life also has a lot to do with the place of use and fabric duct systems. If the various foundations are relatively good, and the raw material of the fiber fabric air duct is also flame-retardant, its service life can reach as long as 20 years. The service life of the coated flame-retardant fiber fabric air duct is about 5 years.

2. What is the cost of a fabric air duct?

Those who want to install textile air ducts are more concerned about its quotation. The fabric ducts are all quoted according to the plan. The materials used are different in ventilation rate, flame retardant performance, tear-resistance, and other functions, and the price difference is also relatively large. There is no way to directly budget based on square meters.

But there is such a phenomenon: the wider the place, the lower the cost of fabric air ducts, which is much lower than the total cost of traditional air supply systems. The cost of the fabric air duct system used in a smaller space may be similar to that of a traditional air duct system.