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Sox Air Duct Meets the Needs of Supermarket Air Supply

The supermarket is a place with large passenger flow and dense population. This public place requires that the ventilation system must be clean, and the iron duct is insufficient:

1. The point-type air supply leads to different temperatures in different areas and poor comfort;

2. The installation period is long and the construction and installation are complicated;

3. High cleaning and maintenance costs.


According to the characteristics of the supermarket, the air supply system of the sox air duct has many characteristics:

1. The height of the supermarket is small, the area is large, the flow of people is large, the space is approximately closed, and the shelves on the ground are high and dense. The traditional diffuser has a fixed air supply position and low flexibility. The air volume of the air duct sox is large, and the air supply is uniform. And the air velocity at the end of the sox air duct is low, the blowing feeling is moderate, and the noise is low.

2. The supermarket is a public place with a large flow of people. Supermarkets use air conditioners frequently, and the pollution of air ducts is high. The cleaning and maintenance of the traditional air duct system is a heavy burden for supermarkets, and the sox air ducts that are easy to clean and maintain are more conducive to be used in supermarkets.

3. The supermarket is characterized by a simple decoration structure and a short project period. For an ordinary supermarket air duct of 4000-5000 square meters, it takes at least 40-50 days for 10 people to install, and the HVAC duct socks take only 10 days from measuring size, production to installation.