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What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Process of Fabric Air Duct Design?

At present, with the rapid social and economic development, many large shopping malls, office buildings, and fresh markets will install central air-conditioning, then the fabric air duct plays an important role. It is made of special fiber, extremely light, and the installation method is relatively simple. It is easy to disassemble and wash, and its air supply effect is very uniform. There are many air outlets, a variety of colors and shapes can be integrated with the building, forming a simple style.

1. The characteristics of the fabric air duct

The fabric air duct has obvious characteristics and good air delivery performance. The air outlet effect of the small holes with evenly distributed fibers throughout the duct is relatively uniform with fast air outlet speed, the air is uniformly discharged across the board, and the effect is more anti-condensation. A cold air layer is formed on the outside, and there is no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the tube wall, so it is widely used.

In addition to understanding the characteristics of the fabric air duct, there are many things that require special attention in the design process. Then, what should we pay attention to in the process of designing the fabric  air duct?

2. The design of the fabric air duct

In the process of designing the fabric  air duct, we must pay attention to the straight pipes. Generally, the resistance loss along the way is the main reason. When the fabric  air duct system is mainly straight pipes, the entire air circulation speed is fast. Unlike the friction resistance coefficient obtained from the comprehensive study of the fabric  air duct system, the selected fabric  air duct specifications are also different. Also, when choosing the pipe diameter, you can try to reduce the wind speed in the duct of the duct system. 

In the process of designing the fabric  air duct, we must choose the material according to the actual needs, and the diameter of the fabric  air duct is different. According to the air volume and the selected wind speed, calculate each section size of fabric  air duct section (referring to the loop) and the optimization of the design of special-shaped parts to avoid rapid changes in flow direction and rapid cross-sectional changes.