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Advantages of Using Cloth Air Ducts in Dairy Factories

Most emulsion factories have high building space, large air conditioning airflow, high equipment wind pressure, and small working area. If traditional ventilation ducts are used, it is difficult to prevent dust and condensation water droplets from falling on the exposed product surface.

In response to these requirements, Durkeesox cloth air duct's new ventilation mode has significant advantages over traditional wind systems.

In terms of preventing condensation water, Durkeesox cloth air duct's anti-bacterial permeable fiber is used to permeate the cold air through the fiber wall, forming a cold air layer outside the pipe wall, with no temperature difference inside and outside the pipe wall, completely solving the problem of pipe condensation;

Water is the essential condition for bacterial and mold growth. Without water, the hygienic conditions can be maintained. The antibacterial effect of this fiber is still significant even after multiple washings.

In terms of preventing dust from falling, Durkeesox cloth air duct's fabric wind duct is very convenient for cleaning and maintenance. After using it for a period of time, you only need to remove the fabric wind duct from the suspension device and wash it in the washing machine.

Meanwhile, Durkeesox cloth air duct's fabric wind duct can effectively filter dust and bacteria in the air during delivery, further improving air quality.

By combining the advantages of permeation and directional airflow, Durkeesox's unique delivery and exhaust mode delivers a large air supply, low wind speed, no sense of blowing, and excellent comfort through fiber-permeated air and micro-jet flow.

Durkeesox fabric duct delivers even and comfortable air supply

Through the fiber cracks on the entire pipe wall or evenly distributed multiple rows of small holes designed for outflow, Durkeesox's fabric duct system delivers air supply linearly along the pipe diameter and fan-shaped along the axial direction, forming a three-dimensional surface air supply that is extremely comfortable, with precise air supply and overall uniformity.

Durkeesox fabric duct is beautiful, high-end, quiet and noise-reducing

Various colors of Durkeesox's fabric wind duct system can be harmonized with any indoor environment style, simple and high-end. At the same time, the system and color can be completely personalized and customized.

Durkeesox's fabric duct system is soft and has low wind speed during operation, without resonance, improving environmental quality.

Cloth air duct prevents condensation

Durkeesox's fabric duct system permeates the cold air through the fiber of the entire pipe wall, forming a cold air layer outside the pipe wall, making the temperature difference inside and outside the pipe wall almost zero, completely solving the problem of pipe condensation, without the need for pipe insulation.

Cloth air duct is clean, healthy and environmentally friendly

Since Durkeesox's fabric duct system is very easy to disassemble and install, the duct can be easily cleaned to improve the air cleanliness quality in the system, meeting higher requirements for health and environmental protection.

It adopts environmentally friendly synthetic fibers, and the entire manufacturing, installation and use are green and environmentally friendly, and the fabric wind duct is easy to fold and store, and can be reused. At the same time, adopting large space laminar air supply method makes the system more energy-saving.

Cloth air duct is lightweight and reliable

Durkeesox's fabric duct system is woven from special fibers and is extremely lightweight, about 1/40 of traditional metal wind systems. It is especially suitable for new or refurbished projects on roofs without carrying capacity.

Cloth air duct has a short construction period and high cost performance

Durkeesox's fabric duct system uses a dedicated steel wire or slide rail suspension system, which is simple and quick to install. The installation time is often 1/10 or shorter than that of the traditional system, greatly shortening the construction period, and there is no material wastage at the construction site.

The Durkeesox's fabric wind duct system design scheme is simpler than the traditional air supply system, and the Durkeesox fabric duct replaces individual products such as traditional air supply pipes, dampers, air outlets, and insulation materials. It is extremely lightweight, easy to transport and install, and saves the overall system cost.

Durkeesox's fabric wind duct is widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, exhibitions, theaters, various sports venues, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, printing and other industrial workshops, as well as various food workshops.