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What Is the Permeability of Fiber Air Ducts?

What is the permeability of fiber air ducts?

Air distribution systems made of special fiber materials are manufactured by weaving, and permeability is an inherent characteristic of fiber textile air distribution systems.

Internationally, when the permeable air volume of 1CFM per square foot of fiber air ducts (1CFM = 1.68m³/h) is reached under the condition of an inner pressure of 125Pa, the permeability of the material is 1cfm/ft2.

The conversion of units yields: 1cfm/ft2 = 18m³/h/㎡ = 5mm/s.

The importance of selecting the permeability of fiber air ducts materials

One of the characteristics of fiber textile air distribution systems is that the air flow of the equipment enters the working area through two channels. The first is through the permeability of the fiber material, and the second is through the evenly distributed jet holes around the air duct (the main channel).

The airflow from permeability is generally only used to prevent condensation and accounts for only 5% to 10% or less of the total airflow of fiber textile air distribution systems (except for those that use pure permeability mode for air supply).

If too much heat exchange is performed through the permeable airflow, it will cause some waste at high altitudes. Therefore, different permeability materials should be selected in different situations.

Even in the same project, the permeability rate material chosen should vary based on different areas or installation heights.

The huge difference between Soth textiles air ducts and bag air ducts

Currently, the term "Soth air ducts" is often used on the market, which is incorrect. The main difference between the two lies in their permeability rate.

  • In terms of their appearance, bag air ducts appeared as early as the 1950s and belong to a first-generation product. With the progress of the textile industry, Soth fiber air ducts systems appeared.

  • Bag air ducts: cloth + perforation (or no perforation);

  • Soth air ducts: fiber textile materials with different permeability rates + precise calculation of perforation (or no perforation)

  • The permeability rate of bag air ducts is only one type, similar to ordinary clothing, about 20~30mm/s, and is only suitable for small-space areas with low installation height and low internal pressure of the air ducts.

  • Soth textile air ducts have permeability rates ranging from 0mm/s~100mm/s, and are suitable for various high and low levels, pressures, and temperatures.

Based on the specific characteristics of the project, different permeability rates can be selected, and the proportion of permeable airflow and jet airflow can be controlled to perfectly meet the air supply requirements of customers in the air conditioning area.

The Durkee N series fiber air ducts globally promotes ten standard permeable materials

With comprehensive and leading professional design technology, Durkee Company uses top international fiber materials, globally promoting 10 standard permeable materials, which can be customized according to the project to meet different customer needs.