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What are the Advantages of Sox Air Duct?

With the rapid social and economic development, many large office buildings and sports complexes began to appear. Especially in some train stations and shopping plazas where the flow of people is dense, the air quality is not very good, and air-conditioning duct systems are installed. Among them, the sox air duct system is very widely used. It is made of soft material as a whole, and its volume and weight are relatively light. It is easy to install and the air supply speed is fast. So, what are the advantages of choosing a sox air duct?

This indoor ventilation method is widely used. The installation heights of the sox air duct system are different, and the aesthetics of the air ducts with different diameters are also different. This kind of air duct performance advantage is more obvious. Due to the flexible fabric duct material, it will deflate when no air is supplied. This greatly saves installation space. In order to get a better visual effect when there is no air supply, you can choose the double-row suspension to install the system.

Modern buildings increasingly use large-span structures without columns, and the interior is the arc top of the grid structure. And this sox air duct is very plastic, and can be arranged in an arc shape, or a circular or oval closed arrangement according to the actual needs. Moreover, the air outlet area of the air sox fabric duct is large, the air volume is large, and the wind speed is low. It adopts arc design, which is not only beautiful and generous, but also makes the wind more uniform.

Generally, the characteristics of the sox air duct are obvious, the wind speed is very fast, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and it can be designed in conjunction with the decoration. The interior decoration of modern buildings is more and more colorful and full of personality, and more pursuit of beauty. The environmental protection of the sox air duct is better, because its environmental protection is preliminary tested and evaluated by technical staff, and the carbon emission is only equivalent to 1% of the traditional air duct. At the same time, the fabric air duct adopts degradable, fire-retardant and fiber-resistant fabric material.