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Advantages of Textile Ductwork

The production workshop occupies a large space, and the internal air is not easy to be replaced with fresh air, so the air quality of the workshop is also a major hidden danger affecting the health of workers. Especially in the long-term operation, the harm brought by the dirty air is more terrible than the high-temperature environment. Designers have tried to solve this problem with various schemes, such as adding new fans, adding air purifiers to return air duct, even wearing gas masks for workers, but these can not fundamentally solve the problem. Although new fans bring fresh air into the outdoor, air purifiers also make the air quality into return air ducts clean, but the fundamental problem lies in the long-term use of metal, the inside of the air duct is already dirty and bacteria grows inside, which is not only difficult to ensure healthy air but also counterproductive.

Due to the structural characteristics of the traditional air duct, cleaning has always been a big problem. After long-term use, the internal of the traditional air duct is dirty, dusty, rusty, and corroded. At present, there are two cleaning methods, one is manual cleaning, the other is robot cleaning. People can not enter the air duct, so the cleaning is aimless and it is difficult to clean with poor cleaning effect; although the robot cleaning can see the internal situation of the air duct through monitoring, the end branch pipe is too small, the robot can not reach, and the robot cleaning cost so much,  most companies can not bear it.

Due to the structural characteristics, Durkeesox textile duct system has the advantage of easy cleaning. After using for a period of time, the textile ductwork can be directly removed and put into the industrial washing machine for cleaning. After cleaning, it can be hung directly. The cleaning is convenient and the cost is extremely low. The shrinkage rate of textile ductwork is only 0.2%. It can be cleaned once every two years, and be used for 100 years; even if it is cleaned once a year, it can be used for 50 years.