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Cloth Air Duct Allows You to Enjoy Visible Clean Air

Application of cloth air ducts in indoor environment

It may come as a surprise, but it's a fact that urban residents spend 80% of their lives in"concrete boxes". In the current era, where the country advocates ecological civilization construction, the indoor environment–the "most important ecological environment"–has real significance for city dwellers who live in buildings for extended periods of time.

The most fundamental and crucial issue is to ensure that people breathe better indoors. Air problems, which seem commonplace, are facing great challenges today.

The technology for indoor air pollution control is complex. Scientific ventilation continuously ensures fresh air supply indoors to maintain harmful gas at low levels. Fabric air cloth duct is the effective means of improving indoor air quality and environment.

In a sense, it also plays a positive role in reducing massive building energy consumption. During the era of rapid development in China's urban construction, many buildings in the design of air conditioning systems overly emphasize air conditioning and heating while neglecting air quality requirements.

What seems to be an insignificant air distribution system has become the source of life affecting people's breathing and living.

At the top of the"concrete box" beyond people's sight, various pipeline systems shuttle and distribute, among them, the air dispersion system–the fabric air duct system is the artery of indoor air and environment.

The traditional air supply pipe system is supported on the building roof by various metal brackets, away beyond people's sights.

The emergence of Durkee fabric duct

Due to difficult cleaning and expensive costs, ventilation ducts in public places, buildings, and factories are rarely cleaned. People live and work every day in bright and shiny buildings, unaware of the polluted air coming from the dark hole behind the bright lights.

Today, the emergence of Durkee fabric ducts allows people to enjoy visibly clean air. Durkee fabric ducts have the characteristics of comfortable air supply, lightweight, and washable, which can be coordinated with central air conditioning and air handling units.

Every day, Durkee fabric ducts deliver fresh and healthy air to humans, enabling them to live in a comfortable and green environment.

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