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What Are the Advantages of Fabric Air Ducts Compared to Traditional Ducts?

1. Introduction of fabric air duct

With the rapid development of society and economy, we can choose from many materials of duct products. Among them, the fabric duct is popular among customers for its unique performance advantages, mainly because the fiber fabric duct has better corrosion resistance and can realize the overall air supply. Due to the light material, the entire fabric air duct can be easily installed, disassembled, stored, and can be reused. The overall air supply can be realized, and the air supply is uniform and comfortable, which greatly improves our requirements for air quality.

2. What are the advantages of the cloth air duct compared with the traditional air duct?

The advantages of fabric air ducts are more obvious. They are all made of high-quality materials for uniform and comfortable air supply. The product has obvious characteristics, simple and generous styles, and can achieve three-dimensional air supply, which will not deform with the wind speed. The heat preservation effect is better, so there is no need to worry about other problems. The pipe wall of the cloth air duct product has more fiber penetration and nozzle holes, which can achieve uniform air supply and greatly improve comfort. 

One of the characteristics of the cloth air duct compared with the traditional air duct is that the installation method of the fabric air duct is relatively simple, the weight of the material is relatively light, and the cleaning is very simple. The cloth air duct has various appearances and can be matched with different building environments. It has a good anti-condensation effect and a very good heat preservation effect. During the operation, it does not produce noise, but also absorbs a part of the noise.