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Application Advantage of Fabric Air Duct for Refrigerated Storage

Cold chain logistics generally refers to frozen food that is always under the specified low-temperature environment in the process of production, storage, transportation, sales, and all links before consumption to ensure food quality and reduce food loss. Generally speaking, cold chain logistics is to transport products from the refrigerated warehouses of production and processing enterprises to the refrigerated warehouses of sales enterprises through refrigerated transport vehicles. It can be seen that the importance of cold storage in the cold chain system. The storage temperature of refrigerators is generally between - 15 ℃ and - 10 ℃, and there are many kinds of frozen products. Generally, it can be divided into meat food, agricultural and sideline products, fruits and vegetables, medicines, and special commodities. So, what are the problems that refrigeration is facing?

1) Most of the refrigeration equipment with coil and cooling fans, which caused uneven temperature and humidity distribution, the high energy consumption of annual  operation;

2) The objects of freezing and cold storage are perishable fresh food which has strict requirements of temperature and humidity.

3) There should be reasonable cooling mode and air distribution in the warehouse. For example, cold and fresh meat food, fruits, and vegetables, not only require low temperatures but also can not cause water loss. It can not have a larger airflow to avoid the air-drying phenomenon.

4) High requirements for health and safety in cold storage

Application advantages of a fabric air duct for fruit and vegetable cold storage:

The flexible air duct adopts the mode of infiltration and air out, with 360 ° air supply on the surface, and it is sent to the warehouse with a weak wind speed of less than 0.2m/s, to ensure that the indoor temperature distribution is even and there is no sense of blowing, which not only avoids the loss of water but also fully ensures the constant temperature of the warehouse, ensures the product quality, greatly saves energy consumption.

The fabric air duct system can ensure a stable temperature and humidity environment. On the permeable air distributor, the air diffuser is through the whole surface of the air distributor. The air velocity is very low and evenly distributed, and the temperature gradient is within 0.5 ℃. When the traditional coil and cold air mechanism are cold, the temperature distribution in the warehouse is uneven, and the gradient often exceeds 2 ℃. The high-temperature gradient leads to product quality can not be guaranteed.

The air distributor of fiber fabric has good sanitary conditions, excellent permanent flame retardant performance, with no condensation water, and avoids the breeding of bacteria and mold.

It is very convenient to clean the fabric air duct. Just open the zipper, disassemble it, and put it into the industrial washing machine for cleaning.