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The Sox Air Ducts are Lightweight and Easy to Install

The air duct is an indispensable part of the air-conditioning air supply system. There is inorganic fiberglass air duct, color steel composite air duct, galvanized sheet air duct, phenolic air duct, fiberglass air duct, and so on. The HVAC fabric duct system is a new type of ventilation system, and this article will compare the installation of air ducts with the other ducts.

1. The inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic duct: The pipe is bulky, not easy to handle, and has high strength, but it is relatively fragile and vulnerable to crack and damage caused by the collision. The production and installation cycle are long, and it takes time and labor to change the size and direction of the pipeline. The sound insulation and heat preservation are the same as the galvanized thin steel plates.

2. The galvanized thin steel duct: heavy pipeline, long production, and long installation cycle, and it wastes time and labor to change the size and direction of the pipeline. The insulation layer is installed on site after the air duct is installed, and the process is cumbersome.

3. The composite fiberglass ducts: the quality is lighter, and the materials are easier to move and use, compared with the iron sheet and glass fiber reinforced plastic ducts. However, auxiliary brackets are required for throwing, which has certain requirements on the structure of the house.

4. The air duct: The weight of the bag air duct is only 1/100 of the pre insulated metal ductwork. The double-row steel cable is used when hanging and to install it is like install the curtain, which shows the installation is extremely simple. The installation of a general project can even be achieved by a single person.