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What are the Characteristics of Fabric Air Duct?

With the rapid development of society and economy, many large shopping malls and office buildings are equipped with fabric air ducts. The air-out speed is fast with the surface air-out. The fiber gaps of the whole duct wall are evenly distributed, and the exhaust effect is better with the small-hole air-out, which can realize the overall air supply. Fabric air duct is easy to clean and has outstanding personality. Moreover, it is rich in color and can keep harmony with any indoor environment style, so the decoration effect is satisfactory. Then, what are the characteristics of fabric air duct?

You will find that the fabric air duct has obvious characteristics. The fabric air duct is light. The fabric air duct is made of special fibers, so it is extremely light in weight, which is about 1/40 of that of the traditional metal air system. The whole system works quietly. With soft materials and the low wind speed in the operation, the whole system runs quietly. In addition, it is very simple to install and flexible to move, which greatly shortens the engineering cycle.

The fabric air duct system works without noise. The ventilation is very important in many large office buildings, shopping malls and seafood markets, and the requirements for the cleanliness and air tightness of the air duct is very high. Compared with traditional air ducts, the installation method of this kind of fabric air duct is simple and the air-out effect is better, therefore, it is widely used in many fields.

Now you should have a clear understanding on the characteristics of fabric air duct. Fabric air duct system has a long history. It is made of high-quality materials and has the advantages of good energy conservation and environmental protection, fast air-out, surface air-out, large air flow, no blowing feeling, great comfortability and evenly distributed air supply. In addition, it has various colors and designs, which means that the colors can keep harmony with any indoor environment style, so there must a type of fabric air duct that is suitable for you. Customization can also be realized according to your needs.