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Bag Air Duct is Used in Tobacco Logistics Warehouse

Tobacco logistics warehouses have relatively high requirements on temperature and humidity, with a temperature of 15-30 ℃ and a relative humidity of 55%-65%. It requires relatively high ventilation equipment. Durkeesox bag air ducts have absolute advantages. Its cloth surface has the characteristics of fire resistance, mildew resistance, formaldehyde resistance, and corrosion resistance, and fully meets the needs of tobacco logistics warehouses.

Tobacco warehousing is not only a simple logistics management, but also involves many technical issues. The temperature and humidity control of the warehouse, the storage and alcoholization time of tobacco leaves, the packaging materials and methods, and other related factors that affect the quality of the storage of tobacco leaves need to be supported by scientific design. In practice, it was found that some factories did not scientifically demonstrate the storage temperature and humidity control and ventilation equipment, resulting in mold and reduced quality of tobacco leaves. The selection of advanced and scientific ventilation equipment cloth ductwork can ensure that the environmental conditions in the warehouse under manual control are conducive to the natural alcoholization of tobacco leaves, and the loss is low. It can not only inhibit mildew, but also shorten the alcoholization cycle, thereby effectively improving the storage quality of tobacco leaves.


Durkeesox bag air duct fully meets the above requirements and is the preferred air supply duct for tobacco logistics warehouse ventilation. We can provide detailed design and meticulous services.