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Successful Application of the Largest Scale and Highest Quantity Wind System Project in Durkee' History

The successful application of HVAC pipeline system

As a leading global fan blade manufacturer, DIPHYA Holdings (Switzerland) Ltd. has welcomed China's first factory in Yangzhou - TPI Fan Blade Production Plant No. 101 main factory building, and the world's longest wind turbine will go from here to various parts of the world. The single building has an area of 67,000 square meters, 23 meters high, 465 meters long, and a span of 138 meters. This modern factory building, which is as large as 9 football fields and equivalent to 3 aircraft carriers, was built in less than 120 days, setting a "new Yangzhou speed" and the foreign merchants exclaimed "unimaginable." All air ducts in the main factory building use the patented product of insulation Durkee fiber fabric insulation air duct owned by Durkee hvac duct manufacturer.

The original HVAC pipeline system of the factory building used traditional air ducts. The total amount of return air reached 1,450,000 CMH. Due to the inability to meet the strict requirements of the project period and load-bearing, the insulation Durkee insulation duct system is cost-effective. With its lightness and easy installation, it has successfully provided the owner with a more economical overall optimization plan. The project has also become the largest and highest-quality project in which Durkee has used insulation Durkee transmissive ducts in return air systems. Some of the workshops of the project adopt a combined air-conditioning box double-fan full-air system, and the air-conditioning box is placed on the roof of the auxiliary room on both sides of the workshop. The indoor airflow organization is sent down in the middle and returned from below.

The design scheme of HVAC pipeline system

The design scheme of the air supply system: The air supply system is a first-stage air supply main pipe flat oval insulation Durkee insulation duct, which is connected to the second-stage air supply branch circular Durkee fiber fabric air ducts through the insulation riser for air supply. For example, the flat oval insulation Durkee insulation duct with a diameter of 2676mm*762mm is used as the primary air supply main pipe at a height of about 16 meters on both sides of the tunnel, and several transfer risers with a diameter of 610mm are connected at a height of 6 meters to connect to a circular Durkee fiber fabric duct with a diameter of 559mm for air supply; Sos fiber fabric duct is designed to be perforated in three directions at 7:00, 8:00, and 8:45, and the wind speed at a height of 1.5 meters above the ground reaches 0.5m/s, achieving a unique low-level air supply for workstations, satisfying the air supply requirements of a 40-meter-wide factory area (W-N axis).

The design scheme of the return air system: The return air system is designed with a rectangular insulation Durkee return air duct + double louver return air port. The air volume of each equipment is 58000 CMH and the return air pressure is 500 Pa. At a height of 15 meters, the main return air duct (3000mm×800mm) is connected to the return air riser (1250mm*400mm), and then connected to the double louver return air port for return air, which is safe and efficient. By designing the return air system with a middle-downward air supply, the uniform comfort of the W-N axis area is guaranteed, and a good airflow organization form and satisfactory air conditioning effect are achieved. The quiet gray color of the air duct is coordinated with the color of the roof, and the entire air supply and return air system is simple and beautiful. The insulation Durkee return air system has been fully recognized by the owner for its advantages of light weight, fast on-site finished product modular assembly, green construction, energy saving, and environmental protection.

At present, Durkee air duct is widely used in various types of new energy plants, including auxiliary production, assembly, power equipment areas, and office, living areas, etc., with advantages such as ultra-clean and dust-free, uniform air supply, anti-condensation, energy saving and environmental protection, and convenient installation. In the industry, Durkee has a number of well-known users, such as Tesla in the United States, Ningde New Energy, BYD, Beckett, Bestray, Ryan, DuPont, Tianhe, Miaoxin New Energy, Sandton New Energy, etc. The Durkee HVAC pipeline system will surely become a trend in the future development of the wind pipe system in the new energy industry.