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Solutions for Air Supply Using Cloth Air Ducts in Badminton Halls

The importance of installing fabric air ducts in badminton halls

It is well known that in badminton matches, players are not only concerned with competition, but also pay special attention to the wind direction on the court. Sometimes, due to poor judgment and control of wind direction, they often lose the game. 

If there is wind inside the competition venue, the fairness of the game will be greatly affected. Therefore, an international standard badminton hall has high requirements for indoor cloth air duct for air supply.

As the weight of a badminton is only 5.5 grams, the trajectory of the shuttlecock will be changed by any irregular airflow. According to the requirements of the International Badminton Federation, badminton venues must have a constant temperature of 26°C and air supply velocity should not exceed 0.2 meters/second.

The ceiling of a badminton hall is only 10 meters high, and the wind speed at a height of 8 meters above the ground must be below 0.2 meters/second. Conventional diffuser point air supply systems, in which air conditioning system outlets face the court, will severely affect the normal trajectory of shuttlecocks.

Therefore, in order to ensure both comfortable temperature and not interfere with players' games, special technologies, such as stainless steel hole plate air supply under the roof or air supply under the seats of the audience, must be used.

Reasons for using Durkee fabric ducts

When using Durkee fabric ducts, both the indoor temperature and air velocity are taken into account to reach a balance in design.

Under the ceiling suspension of the hall, 5 711mm diameter, 25.6m long air duct systems are uniformly arranged between the badminton courts with a gap, as much as possible to minimize the impact on the airflow above the badminton court;

The fiber cloth with high permeability is used, and multi-row small holes are opened along the length of the Durkee fabric duct, which can make the air distribution even and consistent. At a height of 8 meters, the final air velocity has dropped to 0.1-0.2 meters/second.

At the same time, the return air outlet is located in the middle of the side wall of the arena, close to the ground, and the entry wind speed of the return air outlet is controlled within 2.5 meters/second, which means that the space below 8 meters in the hall can truly be in a windless state.

For athletes, no wind means fairness. In addition, the bottom of the Durkee fabric duct system is slightly higher than the lighting fixture to avoid affecting the lighting effect inside the court.

With these outstanding advantages, the fabric air distribution system Durkee fabric ducts have been perfectly applied in badminton halls. This is an example for small ball games. We also provide suitable solutions for other sports.