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HVAC fabric duct system applied in the pharmaceutical industry

According to industry statistics, there are 16,500 pharmaceutical wholesale companies in China, nearly 140,000 retail companies, 120,000 retail pharmacies, and more than 6,300 pharmaceutical manufacturers. More than 95% of these companies are small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. Although small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies cannot compare with large companies in terms of investment and cannot become leaders in supply chain integration, as part of the current pharmaceutical supply system, any supply Chain optimization projects are inseparable from this link.

In response to industry issues, implement active pharmaceutical logistics development policies,  scientifically plan pharmaceutical logistics infrastructure, speed up the integration of logistics resources, and realize the informatization of the pharmaceutical circulation industry. In particular,  the management measures of the HVAC systems in the pharmaceutical industry will accelerate the standardized development of the industry.

1. Current status of HVAC in the pharmaceutical industry

The implementation of the new version of GSP has put a lot of pressure on many companies engaged in medicine. The medicine library has strict temperature control. Temperature monitoring probes are arranged throughout the medicine library. Once the temperature exceeds the standard, an alarm will be sent to the control and supervision center. If the standard is met, the business qualification will be disqualified.

Therefore,  the warehouses of top pharmaceutical companies such as Sinopharm, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, China Resources Beiyao, and Jointown all use fiber fabric air ducts to supply air. Most small and medium-sized enterprises that only consider the jet machine input cost and do not consider the long-term development benefits will choose the jet machine program.

2. Comparison of fabric air duct system and jet air supply

(1) The air supply of the fabric air duct system is accurate and uniform, there is no cold air stagnation area, no dead corner air supply, and the temperature gradient of the entire warehouse can not exceed 0.5 degrees Celsius;  the jet machine line type air supply can not reach the cooling capacity in many places. Frequent alarms will occur, and serious business qualifications will be canceled.

(2) All modern medical warehouses use automatic palletizers, with only a small number of equipment operators, and the fiber fabric air duct is a flexible fabric duct material. It does not produce noise during the air supply process and absorbs the noise from the equipment, making it easier to work Workers have a quiet working environment; because the jet machine is installed indoors, there will be a loud whistle or fan vibration when air is supplied, and employees complain a lot.

The survival of an enterprise requires a long-term plan. It must be based on long-term interests rather than tightly considering the current situation and interests. Enterprises that cannot do this must be difficult to develop and grow.