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The Application of Fabric Air Ducts in the Low-temperature Environment of Cold Storage

1. The fabric air duct can adapt to the environment of the cold storage

The fabric air duct is a flexible air supply terminal made of special fabric that integrates air transportation and distribution. The fabric air duct can effectively avoid the problems of surface condensation, dust accumulation and heavy roof load encountered when using traditional ventilation systems, creating a healthy and clean indoor environment.

2. The application of fabric air ducts under low temperature environments in cold storage

The fabric air duct was first used in the food freezing and refrigeration industry, and only supplied air through the surface of the fiber. With the development of science and technology, the air supply form of the fabric air duct system is becoming more and more diversified. The air passes through the micropores on the fiber surface with different permeability and the air outlets processed into different forms, which can evenly transport the air to the required places.

The reasonable design of the fabric air duct system is not only reflected in the beautiful appearance, but more importantly, this design can improve the energy efficiency, achieve the energy-saving effect, and create the best food storage environment. With the growing of the low-temperature cold chain market, improving energy efficiency has important practical significance.

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