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Durkee Flexible Air Ducting System Integrated Solution for New Energy Battery Industry

On April 9, CATL Energy released a new energy storage product - the Tianheng standard 20-foot container-type energy storage system. The system features in the 4-dimensional true safety, 5 years 0 attenuation, with the total capacity of 6MWh, the energy density per unit improved by 30% while covering area decreased by 20%. 


With the increasing growth of the new energy vehicle market, the new energy battery industry is also developing rapidly. Durkee foresees the future trends of the new energy battery industry and has innovated the flexible air duct system solution to meet the needs of different manufacturing scenarios. This has earned us high recognition from leading customers in the domestic and global new energy industry, including CATL, Svolt Energy, CALB Lithium Battery, BYD, and Tesla.

In the manufacturing workshop of lithium battery raw materials, the traditional setup of stainless steel air ducts system is commonly used. However, some obvious disadvantages should be noted, including air supply dead zones, uneven airflow, installation difficulty, and high costs.

In high space ranging from 10m-20m, Durkduct pre-insulated air ducts are applied as the transmission ducts, the fabric nozzles are connected to supply the air. The precise design of the nozzle structure and taper enables the air delivered to the targeting area at high velocity.


As for lithium battery cell manufacturing, traditional solutions commonly possess the following cons: complex installation, long construction period, high costs, and zinc pollution caused by GI ducts.

Nanosox Fabric Air Duct Systems are designed to fulfill the uniform air supply for the Setup & Module PACK workshop. Through axially uniform perforations, and radially linear, forming a fan-shaped three-dimensional airflow, is even and comfortable, bringing an excellent airflow effect for the production lines or working spots. Meanwhile, Durkduct Air Ducting System is ultra-lightweight, has low construction costs, a short installation period, and easy cleaning & maintenance.


Durkduct Pre-insulated Air Duct System fully meets the requirements of the new battery industry: uniform air supply, low air leakage, energy-saving, no zinc pollution, no dust generation, no harmful gas release, easy installation, high cost-effectiveness, long life expectancy, and simple maintenance. After more than a decade of application and promotion in the Global market, Durkduct Fabric Air Duct System is accelerating the updating and replacement of the air ducts in the new energy battery industry.

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