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Fabric Air Duct is More Suitable for Supermarkets than Traditional Iron Ducts

Supermarkets, shopping malls, home building materials city, and other places that people usually go to most often belong to places with high population density. 

The fabric ventilation can directly affect the quality of products supplied and the mood of customers when shopping, so a good air supply system is particularly important.  

Characteristics of duct sock

Aiming at the characteristics of a large area, small floor height, large flow of people, and approximate closed space of such commercial places. Aivis Engineering Technology Center believes that the traditional diffuser has a fixed air supply position, low flexibility, and cannot achieve sufficient ventilation air volume. After a large number of engineering case analysis and research, the bag air duct system adopts tiny air-permeable fiber material, combined with the laserjet opening of the professional deepening design, to quickly send most of the air volume to the required area,  effectively reducing the air volume transmission process Cooling and heating energy loss, large and even air supply, no matter the hot and cold air supply effect is very good, meeting the ventilation requirements of large-scale occasions.

Advantages of fabric air duct

The fabric air duct has a variety of colors and shapes to choose from, versatile in various decoration styles, and the appearance is simple, beautiful, and high-end. The weight of the air duct is lighter than that of the traditional iron air duct. It is only 200-300g per square meter. The finished product is industrialized. The on-site installation is simple and quick,  which greatly saves installation time and can make a great contribution to the profit model of commercial establishments as early as possible.

Cost of fabric air duct system

In terms of the above advantages, in many places, the fabric duct design can completely replace traditional diffusers,  which has great advantages in overall cost and construction time. The most important thing is that it can bring great convenience and economic savings to the owner's later maintenance. According to the current national hygiene regulations,  the air conditioning and ventilation system must be cleaned regularly. The bag duct system has an absolute advantage in this respect. The cleaning does not affect normal operations at the same time, and the cost is only 1/15 of the traditional. Compared with the difficulty of cleaning and maintaining the traditional iron sheet air duct system, it is more suitable for use in the field of supermarkets.