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Analysis of Profile Selection for Fabric Air Duct

How to choose a profile for different fabric air duct has technical concerns. In general, the air duct can be divided into normal pressure state and negative pressure state. Under normal pressure, the common section shapes are circle, semicircle, 1 / 4 circle, bow, and sector, while under negative pressure, triangle and rectangle are commonly used.

Profile introduction under atmospheric pressure:

1. Circular, if there are not too many requirements for an appearance with space height allows, we suggest to choose this kind of air outlet profile. The air outlet area is larger, and the air output is more, so it is more time to change the indoor air.

2. Semicircle, if the height is not allowed or it can be used in the case of aesthetic requirements.

3. 1 / 4 round, small space, or affected by indoor environment, installation location, and other factors can be used in this way.

4. If the space is too small and the semicircle can't be installed, you can only choose this smaller bow section.

5. Fan-shaped, irregular installation space, or if you want the duct to be artistic, you can choose this way.

Profile introduction under negative pressure:

1. Triangle, the specific method is to fix the fabric air duct on the top surface and stretch the air duct to the inverted triangle shape by stretching.

2. Rectangle with special support in the middle.

Of course, in the negative pressure state, even if the supporting or stretching effect is better, it will be affected by the negative wind, which will lead to the deformation of the air duct, so this section is generally not recommended. Generally, we will recommend the use of return air duct, which uses high-strength nano alloy materials and unique patented support technology to maintain the perfect rectangular appearance of the flexible air duct, To achieve negative pressure air supply, it can be used in combination with the tuyere and air valve to replace the traditional return air pipe in an all-round way, and it can be installed on-site by steel rope suspension.