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What Exactly is Fiber Fabric Ducting?

1. What is fabric ducting?

The fiber fabric ducting is a kind of flexible air distribution system (Air Dispersion) that is woven from special fibers, that is, the Soth system. It is an air delivery terminal system that replaces traditional air supply pipes, dampers, diffusers, thermal insulation materials, etc.

The fabric air ducting is a unique air outlet mode that mainly relies on fiber penetration and nozzle jets, and an air outlet end system that can evenly supply air. In terms of production, it looks like a large cloth bag (SOCKS), so this system is often called cloth air duct, cloth bag air duct, cloth duct, fiber cloth duct, etc.

Of course, this is just a vivid statement. Because the fabric ducting system is not only a duct, having a function of airflow transmission, it is more important as an air supply device. The design of the system directly affects the air supply effect and cooling or heating effect of the entire space.

2. Application of fabric ducting

The system is widely used and flexible, suitable for a variety of spaces, such as commercial places, sports venues, electronics, food factories, production places, supermarkets, and other business places. It can be connected to pre insulated metal ductwork and composite duct. It can also be customized and completely The air supply system can be arranged according to the actual situation of the air supply site.