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The Function and Way of Air Supply of Cloth Air Duct

Cloth air duct is often used in gymnasiums, breeding factories, warehouses, workshops, exhibition halls, and other occasions. It integrates noise reduction, static pressure, ventilation, energy-saving, and other functions. In its development, cloth air duct has replaced the traditional air duct in many places year by year.

Functions of cloth air duct:

1. Indoor air supply: This is the main function of cloth ductwork, which is mainly used as the outlet duct of indoor ventilation. And there are various ways of ventilation.

2. Energy-saving air supply: The optional air supply mode determines that its energy-saving nature will be very good. Different air supply modes for corresponding scenes can make the cloth air duct more energy-saving.

Air supply mode of fabric cloth air duct:

1. Permeable air outlet: The air outlet range is 0-1.5m, and wind speed can be slower than 0.2m/s.

2. Microporous air outlet: The air outlet range is 0-3m, and the end wind speed is about 0.2-0.5m/s.

3. Small hole ventilation: The range of ventilation is 3-15m, and the end wind speed is about 0.5-1.5m/s.

4. Nozzle air outlet: The air outlet range is 10-30m, and the end wind speed is about 0.2-1.0m/s.

The air supply of cloth air duct is multiple and can be combined with each other. Infiltration + opening air is a common way of air supply, which can be applied to common ventilation requirements. This way of air supply can be more flexible. Durkee currently supplies URR cloth ductwork, which presents more stable inner air velocity and more balanced inner pressure. Specifically, as for which way of air supply should be used for the space you want to install, please feel free to contact us.