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Why Is Durkee Air Duct the Preferred Choice for Food Factory Air Distribution?

The food factory industry can be divided into three categories according to the types of food functions: fresh, liquid, and solid.

Due to excessive bacteria being a persistent problem for the food industry, there is a consistent requirement for the use of air conditioning systems: to ensure food quality, easy to clean and maintain, clean, able to effectively reduce the bacterial content in the air inside the workshop, and with low air conditioning delivery speeds.

Durkee duct system has been successfully applied in various food industries and has accumulated considerable design, installation and usage experience.

For fresh food, typical application cases include the brands: Shuanghui Meat, Yurun Meat and Sinian Quick-frozen Food

The requirements for these places 

The processing area is kept at a low temperature between10℃-18℃ and requires large cooling and air volume. At low temperatures, both workers and food need low wind speed. The traditional duct system delivers airflow in a pointwise manner through diffusers, which cannot maintain low wind speeds under high cooling rates. Traditional air systems are also difficult to clean and maintain, and fail to meet the requirements for hygiene and cleanliness.

Up to now, Durkee has successfully served Shuanghui for5projects, Yurun for7projects, and Siniang for1project. It has accumulated a certain amount of design, installation, and usage experience in low-temperature cold storage air conditioning systems.

For liquid industries, typical brands include Yili and Mengniu for dairy products, and Jiamenglang and Le Bao Shi for beverages

The demand characteristics of this type of place 

Most of them are large-scale production areas with a majority being either fully ventilated or ventilated with part air conditioning, with a small part being 300,000 or 100,000-level clean areas (often filling areas), requiring cleanliness and the ability to effectively reduce the bacterial content in the air inside the workshop. Traditional air conditioning systems deliver airflow in a pointwise manner, with uneven airflow and easy air return, creating dead corners within the workshop and causing a large amount of harmful bacteria in the air to accumulate. To save costs, an increasing number of these places now use non-suspended ceilings, which adds higher requirements for the aesthetics of the ductwork.

However, Durkee duct system delivers uniform airflow at a precise and controllable speed and has a large airflow volume. Its installation is easy and quick, its weight is relatively light, and it is easy to clean and maintain.

The Durkee duct system is very convenient for disassembly and reassembly, and can be washed with water. Regular cleaning and maintenance can easily meet the hygiene requirements of the food industry. From 2006-2008, Yili Group successively established and renovated many liquid milk and cold drink factories in Heifei, Dingzhou, Shenyang, Zhaodong, Jinan, Henan, Foshan, Huanggang, Chengdu and Lanzhou. These factories have adopted the Durkee duct systems for their air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Solid food industries include typical brands such as Kraft Foods, Orion Foods and Danone Biscuits

Due to the presence of oxygen and humidity in the traditional air of food factories, bacteria tend to breed more easily. Therefore, these places have a high demand for large cooling capacity, low wind speeds, cleanliness and ease of maintenance.

The advantages of using Durkee duct systems 

  • Its large delivery area coupled with low wind speeds, easy installation and disassembly, and easy daily cleaning and maintenance.

  • With the development of mass sports, Durkee duct systems have been increasingly applied in sports venues.

  • Durkee's current comprehensive service capabilities can fully meet the requirements of sports venues.

  • Durkee is the only specialized foreign-owned company in China's air distribution system field;

  • It has the largest and most robust sales team and institution in China's air distribution system industry;

  • It has nearly 40 dealers across most of China's provinces;

  • It provides the most comprehensive, considerate, and convenient technical and sales services.