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Choose with the Help of Fabric Ducting Manufacturers

1. Wide application of fabric ducting

The current social economy is developing rapidly. The installation of air conditioning systems in many large shopping malls and office buildings will use fabric HVAC duct. The products have significant fan performance, light weight, strong plasticity, and high-speed delivery. The wind capacity is uniform, the installation method is relatively simple, and the service life is relatively long.

2. How to choose the fabric ducting?

When we choose fabric ducting products, we must choose a large and regular fabric ducting manufacturer, and its brand awareness, especially the quality of the fabric ducting products are very important. You need to see whether the fabric ducting manufacturer can provide flame-retardant fabric ducting. The entire material needs to be B1 flame retardant, while the smoke density level is 11 and the maximum smoke density is 18%. You can conduct on-site inspections and choose bag ducting according to actual needs.

When we choose fabric ducting products, it is best to choose fabric ductwork manufacturers with strong comprehensive strength. Good fabric ducting is often customized according to market requirements, and good materials are made strictly in accordance with the physical properties, permeability and fire resistance of the project. We must pay attention to the number, size and direction of the accurate opening of the product, as well as parameters such as range and wind speed. These parameters are very important.