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The Fabric Duct VS GI Ducts. Which is more suitable for supermarket?

The supermarkets, shopping malls, and home-building materials markets are kind of places with a high population density. The ventilation environment can directly affect the quality of supply products and customers' shopping industry, so a good air supply system is particularly important. A good ventilation environment is of great help to improve customer comfort. Given the features of the large business area, low height, large crowd, and nearly enclosed space, Durkee Engineering and Technology Center believes that the traditional diffuser has a fixed air supply position and low flexibility, and cannot achieve sufficient ventilation volume. After much engineering case analysis and research, the flexible air duct system uses micro-permeable fiber materials, combined with professionally designed laser jet openings to quickly send most of the air volume to the desired area, effectively reducing the cooling and heating energy loss during the air volume transmission. The air supply volume of the fabric duct system is large and uniform, and the effect of cooling and heating air supply is excellent. It can meet the ventilation requirements for high spaces.

There are many colors and shapes for the textile duct system. It can match all kinds of decoration styles, and its appearance is simple, beautiful, and high-grade. The material weight of the fabric duct is lighter than that of the traditional GI ducts, which is only 200-300g per square meter. It is an advanced innovation of industrial production. It is simple and easy to install on-site, which greatly saves cost and labor. Its installation time is less than a quarter of the time of traditional GI ducts, and it can make a greater contribution to the commercial site as soon as possible to start operating a profit model.

In terms of the above advantages, in many places, the insulated air duct systems can completely replace the traditional diffuser, which has great advantages in the overall cost and installation time. The most important thing is that it can bring great convenience and economic savings for the owner's future maintenance. HAVC and ventilation systems must be cleaned regularly. The Durkduct flexible fabric air duct system has an absolute advantage in this aspect. Cleaning the fabric fiber air duct system does not affect normal business, and the cost is only 1/15 of the cost of traditional GI ducts. Compared with the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance of the traditional GI ducts, it is more suitable for use in the field of the supermarket.