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Durkee Redefines the New Standard of Air Duct in Public Places

With the rapid development of the society and economy, people are facing a high pace of work and life environment, shuttling in various places such as office buildings, factories, workshops, commercial centers and stadiums every day. These places, which connect human relationships, carry the whole of people's daily work and life.

In recent years, the environmental pollution problem has become more and more serious, and people have higher and higher requirements for indoor air quality. 2006, the Ministry of Health issued the "Measures for Health Management of Centralized Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Public Places", which requires all kinds of public places to conduct mandatory cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning systems every year. Due to the uneven airflow distribution of the traditional air supply system, the inconvenience and high cost of cleaning and maintenance, various public places are in urgent need of a new air supply system that is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and easy to clean and maintain.

Durkee air duct system is such an energy-saving and environment-friendly new product, which brings more comfortable temperature to office buildings, significantly reduces energy consumption in factories and workshops, and brings a healthy environment to commercial centers and stadiums where people gather.

Durkee air duct system adopts a unique air outlet mode of fiber infiltration and nozzle jetting. In places such as office buildings and commercial centers, the air supply area is 3-5 times larger than that of traditional duct systems, and the temperature of the use area drops rapidly, which also achieves energy saving and emission reduction.The volume and weight of Durkee air ducts are 1% of traditional air ducts and take up very little natural resources. It is degradable at the end of its service life and will not pollute the environment. In some factories and stadiums with tall spaces, Durkee air ducts are more economical in the amount of ducts and more convenient to install, thanks to the optimized solution design and excellent air delivery effect.

At the same time, public places have extremely demanding fire protection requirements for all kinds of building materials. According to the mandatory national standard GB20286-2006 "Requirements and Mark on Burning Behavior of Fire Retarding Products and Subassemblies in Public Place" and the relevant provisions of "Management Measures of Flame Retardant Products Marking" formulated by the Fire Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, fire retarding products and subassemblies used in public places must have fire retardant markings. The duct is made of permanent fire retardant fiber material, and it is the only fiber fabric textile duct in China that has been awarded the "Certificate of Flame Retardant Marking for Public Places" and the "Class B Fire Rating after 50 times of water washing".

The characteristic of Durkee air duct is energy saving and environmental protection, and the social mission of Durkee air duct is safety and health. By virtue of its own advantages, Durkee air duct redefines the standard of air duct products in public places.