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Case Sharing: Largest Cold Chain Logistics Center in Southeast Chongqing

Cold chain logistics has become a buzzword in the food industry, whether it is agricultural product processing and trade or fresh e-commerce, the construction of cold chain logistics has become a basic industry. Most of the frozen warehouses in Qianjiang District are small in scale and have outdated facilities, far from meeting future market demands. In order to change the history of the district without large-scale agricultural frozen facilities, the construction of the Yudongnan Cold Chain Logistics Center, invested and built by the Sanlei Company, marks the entry of the "fresh" core industry chain into a brand-new development stage.

After the completion and operation of the Yudongnan Cold Chain Logistics Center, it will provide "one-stop" services including agricultural product processing, quick freezing, refrigeration, insurance, trading, distribution, exhibition, electronic transactions, and information release. The center covers an area of 200 acres, including a modern cold chain logistics park, an e-commerce industrial park, and an agricultural product wholesale trading park. Various types of cold storage and high and low-temperature storage can store 50,000 tons of fresh food. The air supply system for the air conditioning in the low-temperature and high-temperature warehouses of this cold chain logistics center has chosen Durkee IRR-N series support-type fabric duct products.

Durkee fabric duct system in the low-temperature warehouse

The temperature of the warehouse is -18℃ to -20℃, with a total of 5 low-temperature cold storage rooms. Durkee design uses circular air ducts. To ensure aesthetics, the IRR support-type system is selected, with an attached circular frame support. This makes the Durkee fabric duct system have a tight wall stress, maintaining a complete circular tube appearance even when the system is not blowing to avoid the impact noise caused by the airflow when the system starts, reducing the impact force on the fabric air duct, and effectively extending the service life of the duct.

Durkee fabric duct system in the high-temperature warehouse

The temperature of the warehouse is 0℃, with a total of 11 high-temperature storage rooms. Durkee also uses the circular IRR support-type air duct design, connecting with the unit through a Y-shaped tee entrance, with an installation height of 5.5m. It uses large penetration material to achieve airflow without wind feeling and is equipped with 39 micro perforations for even air supply and excellent airflow organization. Since the completion and operation of the Yudongnan Cold Chain Logistics Center, nearly a hundred e-commerce companies, logistics companies, and agricultural product wholesale companies have settled in. It not only saves costs for the circulation of frozen and refrigerated commodities but also makes the off-season sale of agricultural products in Yudongnan and even Wuling Mountain a normal occurrence.

Durkee fabric air duct has been widely recognized by owners and designers in the cold chain logistics industry after more than ten years of promotion and application. Almost all industry benchmarks are using them, such as Shuanghui Group, CP Group, Dalian Tianbao, Dalian Zhangzidao Group, Bikang Group, China Merchants Logistics, Guangdong New Supply and Marketing Cooperative, Bubugao, Renrenle, and other brands. Currently, Durkee fabric air duct is sweeping the entire cold chain logistics industry, accelerating the update and replacement of the industry's air ducts.