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Fabric Air Duct Is Worth Choosing

There are often various types of cloth air ducts in the market, and the functional characteristics are different with different material types. Many large shopping malls, office buildings and crowded public places are equipped with air-conditioning supply system. The fabric air duct plays an important role in it, because it has fast air-out speed, large air volume and convenient installation. Then, what are the characteristics of fabric air duct?

You will find that the fabric air duct has obvious characteristics. This kind of fabric air duct often adopts the unique surface air-out modes of fiber penetration and small-pore jet-flow at the whole duct wall. The surface air-out brings large air flow, and the the overall air supply is more uniform. The cool air filters through the fibers of the whole duct wall, which realizes the excellent heat preservation effect, so other piping insulation methods are unnecessary.

At the same time, the air duct made of general fiber fabric materials is relatively light, and the installation is also very simple and convenient. We can see it in many large steel structure buildings, and it is very easy to clean. In the past, the installation of traditional fabric duct is often complex, and it is difficult to disassemble and clean. Now you no longer have to worry about these problems if you choose the fabric air duct.

In addition, the fabric air duct is light. The fabric air duct is made of special fibers, so it is extremely light in weight, which is about 1/40 of that of the traditional metal air system. The whole system works quietly. The wind speed is low during the operation, and the resonance will not be generated and transmitted, which improves the environmental quality. Besides, the fabric air duct can realize the balanced and fast ventilation mainly depending on the unique air-out modes of fiber penetration and orifice jet-flow. It is beautiful and high-grade with color diversity and outstanding personality. As the system is convenient for disassembly and assembly as well as the duct can be easily wiped and cleaned, you can rest assured to choose.