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Industry Viewpoint: Central Air Conditioning System Cleaning - A Neglected Source of Health

According to the sanitation testing of central air conditioners in public places conducted by the disease control department, legionella bacteria are detected in the cooling water of central air conditioners almost every year. Legionella, also known as legionella pneumophila, is a pathogen that easily causes respiratory system, especially lung disease. After infection, it often causes symptoms such as cough and fever, leading to pneumonia. In severer cases, this kind of bacterium can cause respiratory failure, renal failure, and even death.

The cooling water is essential for air conditioning and refrigeration, And according to disease control experts, it is a breeding ground for legionella bacteria. Because of the accumulation of some nutrients in the cooling water in the process of continuous circulation and filtration, and with suitable temperature conditions, bacteria can easily multiply in it. If the cooling water is contaminated, legionella bacteria are likely to be spread throughout the room along the air conditioning ducts. And some large public places such as office buildings and hotels have become "blind spots" for supervision.

The "Hygienic Specification for HVAC System" formulated by the state requires that central air conditioners in public places must be cleaned and disinfected before use. Those centralized air-conditioning ventilation systems that do not meet health requirements are considered public places that do not meet health standards and requirements for health facilities and will not be served new or renewed public places health licenses. The cleaning cost of central air conditioners is relatively high. For some large areas of central air conditioning, a comprehensive cleaning to spend at least tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, so many units have not cleaned the central air conditioning for many years. Experts said that regular comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of the cooling water, ventilation pipes, and air vents of central air conditioners is necessary to eliminate Legionella. It is best to clean them once a year.

Due to the convenience of cleaning and maintenance and the low cost of the Durkee air duct system, more and more public places today tend to use the Durkee air duct system as the end air supply system.