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Analysis on the Influence of the Application Site and Ambient Temperature of Fabric Air Duct

Due to its own characteristics, fabric air duct is especially suitable for some large and high space without ceilings. Because the space is high and there is no ceiling, the fabric air duct can be installed and used conveniently, which has unique advantages that various traditional air duct products cannot compare with.

At the same time, the fabric air duct can be used in all kinds of large space with grid ceiling and local solid ceiling. These places have large space and high space height, so the fabric air duct can be designed in different shapes and installation methods according to the space height.

Finally, the fabric air duct can also be used in some places with solid ceiling and complex decoration. Due to the complicated decoration, the fabric air duct can only be installed under the ceiling. In order to match with the decoration, the shape of the air duct is generally semicircular, and the installation method is wall-attachment slide installation.

With the promotion and popularization of fabric air duct, it has been applied to various fields of production and life. For example, in public field, it is used in gymnasiums, convention and exhibition centers, auditorium halls, etc.; in industry, it is used in automobile factories, food factories, logistics warehouses, electronic assembly workshops, etc.; in commercial field, it is applied to commercial complexes, supermarkets, professional stores, etc.

Under normal air supply and ambient temperature, the fabric air duct will not freeze, but the air cooler equipment commonly used in low-temperature refrigeration storage needs to be defrosted regularly. The melted water generated during defrosting may splash into the fabric air duct, but the water will be blew out of the air duct after the refrigeration start-up. Some parts may frost but will not freeze, which will not affect the air supply effect or cause any harm to the air duct.

There are many advantages to use fabric air duct when the environment humidity is high. For example, the wind penetrates through the surface of the whole air duct in the fabric air duct system, which ensures that the condensation will not occur even in high humidity environment such as swimming pools, high temperature and high humidity workshops, etc. At the same time, when the air volume and wind pressure are sufficient, supplying air to the glass wall and roof through the spray orifice can prevent the surface condensation of these buildings. The long-term fogging will affect the beauty of buildings.