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Overview of Fabric Air Ducts and Their Operation Modes

Ⅰ. Overview of fabric air duct products

Fabric air duct system is the use of fiber fabric as air conditioning ventilation cooling air supply system, with the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, easy to clean, etc. In the field of HVAC ventilation, it has been trusted by the majority of users, and gradually replaces the traditional air duct because of a new air supply system mode.

1. Product material. After years of research and development and practical test verification, the fabric air ducts have four series.

  • HVAC series air ducts, suitable for most of the cooling and heating places, more widely used.

  • Purification series air ducts, suitable for refrigeration and purification space places.

  • Non-combustible series ducts, applicable to places with slight cooling, heating and fresh air delivery.

  • General ventilation series air duct, suitable for slight cooling, heating, sending fresh air to the place.

2. Fabric air duct system has the following shapes: Round-O, Half-round-D, Large half round -HD, Quarter-round-Q, Ellipse-E, Conic-C, Rectangular-S.

In terms of appearance and function, it is further divided into: ordinary type, internal support type, and insulation type.

3. Fabric air duct system is widely used in food, automobile factory, gymnasium, swimming pool, machinery factory, edible fungus, supermarket outlet, low temperature freezer, high temperature fresh storage, electronic factory, medicine storage, agricultural shed, ecological restaurant, exhibition hall, and other places with large space.

4. The color of fabric air duct system can be customized according to the international color card standard. In order to show the personality and enhance the corporate image, the customer LOGO can be printed on the fabric air duct systems.

2. The airflow mode of fabric air duct system

  • PE: Permeation ejection

  • PS: Ejection slot

  • EJ: Ejection

  • PM: Permeation

3. The air outlet mode of the fabric air duct system

The fabric air duct system has a variety of airflow methods, including:MS, S-slot(SS), Linear slot (LS), Orifice(O), Nozzle(N), Adjustable Nozzle (AN) and Fabric nozzle(FN).