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The Advantages of Fabric Air Duct

With the rapid development of social economy, many large factory buildings will be equipped with central air-conditioning. Among the parts, the fabric air duct is a flexible air distribution system made of special fibers. It is an air-out terminal system that can replace the traditional air supply duct, air valve, diffuser, insulation material, etc. Fiber air duct is popular in customers because of its fast air-out speed and obvious functions, characteristics and advantages. So what are the advantages of fabric air duct?

You will find that the construction installation of fabric air duct is simple and it does not need special processing equipment. The construction of fabric air duct is fast, which can save the installation time. In addition, the fabric air duct is quite energy-saving, and the coefficient of thermal conductivity of fabric air duct is much lower than that of galvanized iron air duct. What is more, the position of the mounting hole is very flexible, which can make the utilization rate of the draught fan reach over 90% and realize better energy-saving effect.

Fabric air duct has a good fireproof performance. Most fabric air ducts adopt permanent fire-proofing materials, which can greatly improve the fireproof safety performance. The fabric air duct itself has the thermal insulation effect, so it can be installed close to the roof without the requirement for the height of the house. Generally, the use of fabric air duct can save about 5 -10cm in floor height compared with the use of galvanized iron air duct.

The characteristics of fabric air duct are quite obvious. This material has a long service life, soft texture and good noise elimination performance. Compared with other galvanized iron air ducts that will rust and produce the cold bridge phenomenon easily, this kind of fiber fabric duct has better corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, which can avoid the generation and spread of bacteria well. Therefore, it is widely used in central air-conditioning.