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How does Durkduct Fabric Duct System Reduce the Duct Operation Noise?

With the rapid development of the economy, many public places, especially large shopping malls and commercial districts with a large flow of people, have higher and higher requirements for an indoor environment. However, the noise of the city has brought a relatively big problem to our life. The fabric air duct has effectively solved the duct noise. Now let's analyze what effects the fabric air duct has.

In the whole office environment, we will find that the air distribution system is particularly important. The air distribution system that is made of fiber and can provide uniform air supply can be called textile air duct, flexible air duct, fabric air duct, etc. We find that the fabric air duct system can effectively improve the indoor acoustic environment on occasions with a large flow of people.

Generally, which aspects does the textile air duct solve the duct noise problem from? It can be found that the noise source of the whole central air-conditioning mainly includes these aspects: It is mainly caused by the noise generated by the frictional vibration of the air flowing in the air duct, particularly, when the air comes out from the air supply outlet, the sound of the wind can be easily formed.

Fabric air ducts effectively solved the problem of duct noise. The main material used in the flexible air duct is composited fabric. This kind of fabric only produces low-frequency vibration and especially produces a relatively low frequency and low volume sound when the whole duct is vibrating. Therefore, it can be said that fabric air duct will not produce any noise.