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Three Steps to Identify the Authenticity of Durkee Ducts

Durkee duct has become a synonym for fiber fabric air distribution system in China after nearly ten years of stable development and market promotion since its successful registration by Durkee in 2004. However, in recent years, some imitating manufacturers have emerged in China, which have caused serious consequences for some projects due to the unqualified quality or technology.

Due to the fact that many customers are not familiar with Durkee duct (fiber fabric air distribution system), we, from the perspective of maintaining the industry, remind customers to avoid taking on greater risks.

Here, we teach everyone to identify genuine Durkee duct from the following three aspects:

Technical specifications - Permeability

Various permeable Nanosox are jointly developed by Durkee and the largest textile manufacturer in the United States. Durkee has independent intellectual property rights and enjoys the exclusive use right globally.

Chinese cloth air ducts usually use the permeability range of the garment fabrics, which is an uncontrollable value of 0.01-0.03m/s (10-30mm/s) or (2-6cfm/ft²). Durkee duct has four grades of non-permeable, micro-permeable, moderate permeable, and high permeable (it has the globally unique micro-permeable material), and has 10 standard universal permeabilities. It can be customized according to different project requirements, and it can control the permeability to a minimum even under high altitude and high pressure. This ensures both the prevention of condensation and energy saving along with better wind speed effect.

Most of the domestic ducts without accurate permeability will cause energy loss at high altitudes when the permeable air volume is over 40-60%, resulting in the collapse and shaking of the ducts, while making the fan work beyond its capacity and burning out.

Product material - Fire resistance

Durkee duct is the only product that meets the B-s1, d0, t0 level of the National Fire Department. Currently, most of the other brands provide test reports commissioned by independent testing institutions, but none of which have many parameters meeting the requirements. Due to the materials not meeting the fire requirements, the entire engineering project's fire acceptance is obstructed, or fire hazards occur.

Durkee is the only fiber fabric product that achieves A-level non-combustible properties, which can meet the higher requirements for fire in basement and super high-rise projects. However, small domestic fabric duct manufacturers do not have A-level non-combustible detection reports.

Durkee duct has passed the product certification of UL in the US, AC167 in the EU, and NFTC in China, and meets the fire requirements of countries worldwide.

Physical and safety performance: Nanosox fiber fabric has obtained multiple certifications from authoritative testing agencies in the United States AC167 and China, which guarantee product quality for up to fifteen years in terms of pressure resistance, cleanliness, anti-fiber loss, mold resistance, and textile health and safety properties.

Support capability - Company size

As a wholly-owned US enterprise, Durkee is one of the largest manufacturing centers in the industry globally.

Phase I of the Durkee Industrial Park covers a total area of 43,560 square meters, Durkee plant for 15,000 square meters, the total investment in the industrial park 150 million yuan, of which DurkeeDivision investment of 60 million yuan. Chinese bag air duct brand manufacturers are divided into three categories

  • Engineering installation companies 

  • Trading companies (playing foreign brands commissioned machine processing plant processing)

  • Workshop production scale are very small, registered capital of less than 1 million, private nature, unstable. None of the product production certification qualification.

To sum up, Durkee duct is the air supply technology expert that can't be compared with Chinese fabric air ducts, no matter from quality to performance to production scale. We believe that what you choose will never be just a fabric duct without quality assurance, but a real safe, healthy and comfortable fiber fabric air distribution system!